The Astronomy Club Review – A compelling insight into a comic style unique to the blacks

The Astronomy Club Review – A compelling insight into a comic style unique to the blacks
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The Astronomy club is differently conceptualised, involving an array of sketches that revolve around issues faced by the people of the black community. These issues could relate to anything ranging from racism to sexism, dating issues and everything in between.

Sketches could seem like a relatively new concept but it is a new stylised form of presenting comedy. A typical sketch explores a character, situation or a concept, and is performed live on stage (not to forget it can be recorded in the audio and video format). Unlike improvised comedy, Sketch comedy is researched, written and memorised in advance to the performance. They can go well beyond a skit.

The eight members starring in the Astronomy Club positively address themselves as stars, which can be spotted even in the night sky. Theirs is the very first all back comedy group was formed in the year 2014, and have been known for performing live at the UCB theatre in New York City. By signing up for a 6 episode series with Netflix, they’re all set to find a global reach.

The show opens at a mock reality show that has probably borrowed its concept from ‘Big Boss’. The most hilarious sketch is of what can happen to a black woman’s hair when it’s braving the excessive heat and humidity. The hospital seems like it’s a bit over the top at first but perhaps that's precisely how sketches are designed. The Robin Hood and Mary Poppins gig was just as hilarious.

The stars have outstanding expressions on their faces. Even Robin Hood seemed very convincing at why was he robbing money from the home of a wealthy back man. The fancy English Dinner Party spoof was simply outstanding. The costumes and dialogues were to the T. The puns were revolting, and I am certain the audience must have burst into peels of laughter.

The production for each of these spoofs is on point. The cinematography and special effects can bag some extra brownie points. However, since the six episodes only revolve around the black culture, it can get slightly boring. Also, the concept of sketches is refreshingly new and takes time to grow on the audiences. While some of the above-mentioned scripts are powerful, there are some of the others that can be tweaked around to render a more global flavour.

Rating: 3/5

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