The Babysitter: Killer Queen Review: A sequel we never wanted

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The Babysitter: Killer Queen Review: A sequel we never wanted

Directed by McG, The Babysitter: Killer Queen is the sequel of the film The Babysitter which was released in 2017. This sequel was released on Netflix, on the 10th of September.

What is the story about?

Like in the first part of the film series, Cole (Judah Lewis) once again is acquainted with the satanic cult, which was led by his previous babysitter, Bee. Cole defeats the gang in the first part but is once again made to face the same demonic cult. The sequel presents an older version of Cole who is still traumatized by the happenings of the first film. He accompanies his secret crush Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind) on a trip to the lake along with her jock boyfriend Jimmy and two other friends where things go haywire. A new character Phoebe (Jenna Ortega) is introduced in the sequel who joins Cole in tackling the satanic cult once again.


This successor follows the same list of events as the previous film. It is challenging to find out what is the difference between the theme of the first and the second part, except that Cole seems a bit more confident and mature, rather than his innocent nature like in the first part. The same, extravagantly violent cult appears in the film with their aggressive characters who try to kill Cole. The first part seemed like a new concept with the appropriate amount of quirkiness which is lacking in the sequel. There was nothing new or exciting in this film and appeared just as a reflection of the previous movie. The movie takes place in the setting of lakes and mountains rather than being confined inside a house. The comic moments of the film did work in some areas, however, it wasn’t sufficient to save the movie. Because Cole seemed to be older and wiser in this movie, it did not keep me worried and glued to the story about how he would save himself from his enemies this time when he had already saved himself as a 12-year-old in the previous movie.



The performances of all the characters have nothing to blame as they were all being themselves as in the preceding part. Jenna Ortega, being the newbie to the story, did her role well too.

Music & Other Departments

The music seemed to be apt for the film, though it was nothing new that we were listening here. All other departments of the film fit the bill.


The performances of the cast and the comical moments during the first hour of the film were fun to watch.


The prequel to the series was definitely a hilarious one which I enjoyed thoroughly, however, I doubt if this sequel, with no interesting content, was necessary.

Did I enjoy it?

Not really. I found the first part quite innovative but the sequel just felt like a replica.

Do I recommend it?

Even if you loved the prequel, you are unlikely to find something great in what has been released.

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