The Big Show show review: A decent family drama with its heart in the right place

The Big Show show review: A decent family drama with its heart in the right place
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Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix

The Big Show show gives a glimpse into the life and family of the ever-popular wrestler Big Show (Paul Wight), who plays himself and the story follows events that take place in his life soon after his retirement. From a pro wrestler to someone with daddy issues, the show explores the never before seen side of Big Show and how he comes to term with his retirement.


As a sitcom exploring the family drama space, The Big Show show doesn’t break any new ground. It takes all the familiar tropes associated with the genre and utilizes them effectively to make us see that side of Big Show that’s never been showcased before. It’s so refreshing to see giant wrestler, a towering personality, play a vulnerable father of a family and dealing with issues like helping his daughter from first marriage bond with his kids from second marriage and so on. It’s surprising to see Big Show, who is making his big television debut, pull off such a character with ease and unmatchable confidence.

As a show, it’s not wholesomely great but it manages to impress in bits and pieces. These moments make up for the lack of overall entertainment. I guess give this show some time and it’s quite possible one might end up liking it, without making any major complaints.

For someone known for his intimidating personality in WWE, Big Show is pleasantly surprising playing a fictionalized version of himself. The man’s huge but to see him deal with family problems and feel miserable when he can’t help his daughter, the show does strike quite a few chords right. Show plays his character very convincingly, and he couldn’t have owned it better. Allison Munn as Show’s wife brings out all the traits of a typical mom in such shows very effectively, without going overboard. We don’t see her as the clichéd bad cop but we get to see her shine in several occasions.

The actors who play the daughters are fitting and adorable in their respective parts. As a family, they hit it off quite well and it’s one of the reasons why the show clicks, despite some lows here and there.  

It’s a sweet series to enjoy together as a family. The characters and comedy appeal more to young viewers but the situations will resonate with older audiences as well.


It slightly dips in a few episodes but nothing worth complaining.


Did I like it
In parts, yes, but even otherwise I didn’t have major issues with the show

Rating3/5 Stars

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