The Casino Review - Tacky and boring

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The Casino Review  - Tacky and boring
Movie Rated

Format: Web Series
Platform: ZEE5 
Movie Rated: 18+ (Violence, Substance, Language)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: HIndi
Digital Premiere Date: 12 June 2020


What is it about?
The Casino is a Hindi web series that is set in the backdrop of the glamorous and edgy world of casinos, gambling and big money.  Sudhanshu Pandey plays the role of the billionaire owner of a successful gambling empire which rules the entire country (for some strange reason), while Karanvir Bohra plays his son, a rich guy’s son who will inherit his father’s empire, but he has to first prove himself worthy of the inheritance. His father certainly doubts his ability, but then he is killed and Karanvir has to not only avenge his father's death but also prove his worth (as an actor too, also how very surprising). Mandana Karimi plays a seductive manipulator who knows what she wants and how to get it. There are several other characters who want a chunk of this empire and get to rule the now Kingless kingdom. 


This release of the show was delayed for a long time and we can only imagine why.  You may have seen the trailer and felt maybe the show has a lot of intrigue and promise, which I felt too. But when you watch the show you realise how tacky is. You have some popular faces from the television industry playing extremely tacky characters. The dialogues are so bad, that they look like Whatsapp forwards or the posts you read on Facebook. This is not the first time that an Indian film/show has made a show about a father being unsure about handling his empire to a prodigal son and him trying to prove his worth. But death brings about an equilibrium in the scenario. There is no novelty to the story at all. Even though the episodes are 20+ minutes long, they get painful to sit through. There are way too many loopholes in the script and the production quality too isn't great at all. 

Acting and direction
The direction is definitely not up to the mark, seeing the kind of web series that are being produced these days. The actors too seem to have been let down by a shoddy script and screenplay. The dialogues will actually make you ROFL seeing how vacuous they are. The makers may have wanted to make a suspense drama, but the outcome is so poor that it will leave you in splits. Karanvir Bohra makes an earnest effort in playing the vengeful son, but he too falters. Mandana Karimi is well, the lesser said the better. Sudhanshu Pandey doesn't get much of a role as we would have wanted to see. 

The show has interesting songs, an item song and some popular soundtracks playing in the background. Some of the songs are quite catchy.  

The twist at the end of Episode 10 sets up for a prelude to season 2 and is interesting. It has been shot in picturesque Nepal, which is quite pleasant to watch. 

To name one. If you expect this show to have a lot of twists and turns, you will be disappointed because it has neither. 

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