The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Review

A holiday blend of adventure, music , comedy and cute moments!

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The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Review
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Directed by Chris Colombus, The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two is a sequel to its predecessor. The movie is a direct OTT release onto Netflix which premiered on the 25th of November and stars Darby Camp, Kurt Russel, Judah Lewis and others.

What is the story about?

Kate (Darby Camp) is a teenage girl who is forcefully made to go on a trip along with her brother, her mother and her new boyfriend who brought his son, Jack (Jazhir Bruno) along. She is a sulky teen who has a lot to complain about the trip and how unhappy she is about the lack of snow during the holiday season. Kate, who finds Jack extremely annoying, tries to escape from his nuisance. However, both end up getting tricked by Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), the mischievous elf who has plans to stop Christmas forever. Kate and Jack end up getting trapped in the North Pole where they meet with Santa Claus (Kurt Russel) and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn) and help them save Christmas once and for all.


When it’s a sequel, it is always compared to its former part. In that case, The Christmas Chronicles 2 doesn’t quite hold on to what made the first part so good. The movie is fun yet flawed as it lacks the uniqueness and humour as the previous movie. The writing and the plot feel a bit generic and lacked some innovativeness that the story required. On the contrary, the movie also has its pros as it is extremely appealing due to its thorough exploration of cultural and historical traditions. There are loads of moments that do make the movie magical and fun like the portions at the North Pole and a catchy Christmas song. The movie did contain a lot of energy and Christmas spirit, despite its flaws.


Kurt Russel steals the show once again and this time he does it with his real-life partner Goldie Hawn who plays Mrs. Claus. They both are the obvious standouts to the film and we cannot think of a better couple to do justice to the role together. Jazhir Bruno as Jack was the weakest part of the film as he comes out to be too annoying which made Darby’s performance seem less annoying compared to the first part. All the other characters carried out their parts well.

Music & Other Departments

Even though the musical number in the film wasn’t required, it is to be well appreciated as it was a lot of fun and definitely better than the first part. The CGI seemed to be inconsistent in some places, which made it quite obvious.


The music and Kurt Russel’s performance as Santa Claus are the definite ups of the film. The movie is also global-minded and tons of fun.


The lack of humor and uniqueness when compared with the first part disappoints.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. Despite the flaws in the film, this movie was tons of fun to watch and keeps you in a light and happy mood throughout.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, especially for the kids. The colorful and happy vibe that the movie carries will be loved and enjoyed by many.

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