The Circle USA S2 Review

Yet another 'circlejerk' reality show featuring influencers and wannabe influencers

Aparnna Hajirnis -

The Circle USA S2 Review
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What is the story about?

The Circle is a reality show where participants can either be a part of it posing as themselves or a 'catfish' account. The key is to get popular and rise to the top to be known as an "influencer" and get an advantage of blocking other players. The participants can only communicate with each other using an AI-powered chat. There all kinds of participants such as a single mom posing as her husband, an author posing as a gay hippie, a yoga teacher posing as himself, a UK-based reality star posing as herself...etc. The contestants are also asked questions about each other, which the others have to guess correctly. All the participants are put up in one apartment building, yet they are not allowed to meet or interact with each other in real life. 


The world can't have enough of reality shows, can it? Well, imagine a reality show that is AI-powered and literally seems like an episode of Black Mirror, where people are all conversing with each other through their online identities and presumed personalities. Or you might call it a day on Twitter. The series is so annoying, especially as every conversation that the participants have on their chatting screen ends with a hashtag. Not only does it seem fake, but it also looks so very juvenile. I mean who in their 30s would even invest this kind of time in a reality show where people have more emojis and hashtags than actual alphabets in a sentence?

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The Artificial Intelligence chat screens are a bit novel, but apart from that, it does seem like any other reality show shot with a lot of cameras and post-production. The women have stunning make-up, hair, and nails and that could be one of the good aspects of the show.


The AI-powered reality show seems a like new idea, especially keeping in mind how, unlike other reality shows, the players don't interact with each other in reality but only through assumed identities. 


It is too frivolous to invest time in. 
It seems like an online Bigg Boss. 

Did I enjoy it?

I heard the word 'influencer' so many times that it made me not regret my decision of quitting Instagram. It is a completely pointless show. 

Do I recommend it?


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