The Crown Season 2 Review

A young queen is introduced to motherhood and cut-throat politics

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The Crown Season 2 Review
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What is the story about?

While the first season showed, our Queen Elizabeth II settling down in holy matrimony and ruling Britain, the second season sees her being a mother. She has to face ugly political scandals and usher in a more revolutionary generation.


Season 2 of The Crown is a continuation of the flawed, yet interesting life of Queen Elizabeth II. While it isn't exactly an edge-of-the-seat kind of watch, it is nevertheless a very intriguing show. Season 2 deals with a more intimate side of Elizabeth II and has Claire Foy deliver a calm, yet powerful performance. We dwell deeper into the underbellies of 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. There is also a slightly humourous plot of Princess Margaret losing her virginity for the 'fourth' time in a row. Apart from this, her domestic battles worsen as she has to deal with her husband's infidelity. More than the royal family, The Crown also gives you an insight into Britain's politics.


Like the previous season, Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II takes away the crown, quite literally. She has done a stellar job in playing her part. The rest of the characters also fit in well and play theirs well. Helena Bonham Carter as the Maverick Princess Margaret is simply a delight to watch. You absolutely fall in love with her character as she rebels against the traditions and rules of the royal family. 


Music & Other Departments

For a period drama, the music, makeup and costume departments are of great importance. They help in recreating history and the time period. So far, apart from minor historical inaccuracies, the makers of The Crown season 2 have pretty much recreated Britain of the 1960s on fleek.


Watch the metamorphosis of a shy girl into one of the most prominent names in world history. 


None that I could spot.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes! It is one of the best period dramas ever made for web and television.

Do I recommend it?

Go for it! It is not a light watch and you may need to take breaks while trying to grasp all the information that is being thrown at you, but it is worth it.

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