The Crown Season 4 Review

This is the best series of the year!

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The Crown Season 4 Review
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What is the story about?

This season takes place when Britain gets Margaret Thatcher elected as the new PM. Conservative and espousing moral values, Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth are thrown the challenge of being two political figures running Britain and putting a dent in world politics. The tensions in the country with the IRA and the entry of Princess Diana adds to the problems of Elizabeth II.  In Thatcher's strong and calculating attitude, the Queen finds an adversary who simultaneously respects and despises her position as superior monarch for something as arbitrary as her birth. 


After excellent three seasons, what I needed most came to The Crown: the 80's. The era of thigh high pants with knee-high socks, neon clothes, salsa, heavy rock, gigantic hairstyles. Also the entry of Princess Diana Spencer, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to the world of Elizabeth II. You know it, what people wanted to see in this series from the beginning is Princess Diana and her tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles. Season four wastes no time introducing us to the beloved People's Princess from the first episode knowing her future headache, her first interactions with the royal family, including her days living in the palace as the Prince's fiancee.

The Crown tries to summarize various events as concise as possible without belittling them; the conflict with the IRA, the economic problems in English society among others. The series starkly exposes the disastrous Charles-Di marriage that should never have happened. Either because of her eating disorder, the emotional abuse she received, or her reckless behaviour within a system that, let's be honest, has clearly established rules, and that has been showing for three years how everyone inside had to sacrifice parts of themselves to fit in. From the first season, we saw how the literal and metaphorical weight of the crown was enough to break relationships, loves and dreams, but it had never hurt as much as these 10 episodes where the insistence on maintaining that system reaches cruelty.



Gillian Anderson transforms into Margaret Thatcher, the first woman elected Prime Minister of Great Britain whose strict social and economic policies completely re-defined the empire and established an era. Anderson plays Thatcher with subtlety, without apology for her ideals or positions that earned her the famous nickname, and firm and without being a caricature.  Olivia Coleman fits perfectly as the forthright and stoic Elizabeth II. The scenes between these two figures are the kind of constant acting that one hardly gets to see these days. 

With makeup, clothes and hairstyle further enhancing her physical resemblance, actress Emma Corrin manifests Diana in such a natural, human and organic way that at times she had to remember that it was a performance.

Might we just add that the three actresses have given their career-best performances in this season of The Crown?

Music & Other Departments

We are introduced to a lot of wonderful colours, fashion statements and rock music in this season of The Crown. The music is the one that still plays on your playlist. The direction is by far one of the best I have seen in a series. Creator Peter Morgan tries to make politically sound statements with his characters. 


There have been various portrayals of Margaret Thatcher in cinema and television before this, but it is Gillian Anderson who actually breathes life back again to the controversial politician.


Frankly speaking, couldn't find anything wrong with the series. 

Did I enjoy it?

Watch out for some powerful performances played by three actresses that haven't been seen in a series before. 

Do I recommend it?

Go for it. Even though it is not your average drama and has too much content to offer, it still makes up for an excellent watch. 

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