‘The Deuce’ Season 3 review: A trip back to the '80s

‘The Deuce’ Season 3 review: A trip back to the '80s
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Development is the topic that gets widely discussed not just in the arena of politics but also in science fiction films, fantasy-based films, however, in ‘The Deuce' HBO takes us down the memory lane. (You need to be well aware of worldly affairs too). ‘The Deuce' takes us in three different timelines, the first phase in 1971, the days in 1977 and the period between 1980 and 1985. It remains a breath-taking time travel experience, in each of its episodes. This development of narration allows Simon and Pelecanos to create an unusual structure of storytelling as it jots down the most important moments for the characters with thrilling experiences and constant conflicts. But life doesn't stop in ‘The Deuce' either. They keep shaping themselves based on the drama, the culture that builds the story. Let's say when the story takes us back to 1985 when the adult film production had started heavily in the western side. It improved the condition of filmmakers who were living in a street full of mobs in New York. Time and again the question arises; What do men want? For Vince, it was all about the happy, laughing club atmosphere. In Bollywood, he would be called ‘Disco Deewane', or maybe someone similar to a proudly leg-shaking Mithun Chakraborty, who sings ‘I am a disco dancer,' and continues to talk about his passion in the lyrics of the song. (This would have happened had Vince existed in Bollywood back in 1980-1985.) As much as he enjoys these moments, there comes a time when he wants it to stop because life isn't like a Miley Cyrus song, where the party goes on forever in Hollywood. There comes a time when he starts to look back at his life with his former wife. Will any part of him call him back to the nice, decent suburbian life again or will he continue to remain in the Big Apple City. Then there comes the story of Frankie too which cannot be explained without spoilers. Frankie started expanding gambling business to include drug dealing. Let us keep in mind that this is the 80s when the entire world (not just the USA) was wrong in every manner. Pablo Escobar was on the rise, hitting a woman was not a crime (because, hey at least she is not being nabbed and killed like the rest of the world.) The 1980s were unforgivably the darkest times, and 90s kids should be glad that they were born later. Much later when the world slightly started differentiating between legal and illegal. Being a 90s kid myself, only makes me wonder what could be the psychology of the people back then? Why did they normalize criminal activities? Again. I am not against the development of the porn industry, but the method in which it developed. Back in the 80s we couldn't have imagined a Sunny Leone or Mia Khalifa openly talking about their experience of being popular adult film actresses without some lecherous glances. Maybe ‘The Deuce' should be a journey we must all take to realize the better times we are living in now, and how we should try to keep it that way.

Rating: 3/5

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