The Family Man Review- A saga of an Indian Spy and a Family man

The Family Man Review- A saga of an Indian Spy and a Family man
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Beginners take  What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when watching a thriller? Well, that it should move super fast, hooking an individual’s interest just like superglue! The ‘Family Man’ goes live on the 20th of September on Amazon Prime Videos. The series has received some compelling accolades from the International Board of Critics in the United States. The director Duo, Raj and DK have very thoughtfully invested in penning down the most compelling story of a spy. But will the ‘Family Man’ appeal to audiences overall? Let us find out!   Plotters pot  The first episode is pretty much invested in establishing the plot and introducing the characters. The plot intelligently opens on a thrilling note with terrorist carrying out suspicious activity in the Indian waters, but the coast guard nabs the terrorist on the nick of time, keeping the city from a major disaster. Looks like, the directorial duo has re-visited the instances 26/11, and have made an attempt of correcting the erroneous ways of the intelligence and the coast guard back then.  Enter, Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee), a senior analyst working with the National crime division, in the financial capital of Mumbai. This job is to track terrorist organizations and their suspicious activities using a sophisticated computing system, by decoding all the communication. He has a soft spot for his family. But this time, the man’s been assigned an important task of surveying the interrogation of terrorists (seized by the coast guards). However, while being transported to the prison cells, one of the three terrorists decides to play fugitive, leading the other two to go astray. They encounter beings, when Shrikant, J.K. Talpade (Sharib Hashmi), and Zoya (Shreya Dhanwantry) together with Pasha (Kishor Kumar G) are caught in a cat and mouse chase. Pasha has carelessly got two terrorists down, leaving Moosa (Neeraj Madhav) as the only surviving terrorist behind. Srikant uses his presence of mind and manages to stop Pasha from the kill, cleverly negotiating his way with Moosa and get him to go with the cops.  As Shrikant negotiates further with Moosa, they learn of a certain operation ‘Zubeida’ that’s being plotted by an unknown extremist group, under the watchful eye of Sameer (Darshan Kumaar). And as the plot progresses attempts are being made to stop operation ‘Zubeida’ from happening.  The Plusses  The series showcases a detailed account of the workings of the National spy division. The production team, Sainy Johray and Fali Unwalla have taken into account the slightest detail keeping the time in mind. The characters and their organic evolvement have been a big plus. Suchitra, Shrikant’s wife, (Priyamani), is a stellar performer and plays her part perfectly well, as a woman who is caught between achieving her dreams and balancing her duties towards her family.  Manoj Bajpayee has delivered his excellence yet again. He gravitates from being serious to comical and angry at the same time transitioning excellently from one emotion to the other. The account levies detailed insight into the life of a typical middle-class family residing in Mumbai.  The Minuses  Some details like the observation of terrorist activity and the wait are stretched far too much. Giving so narrative on the family wasn’t necessary either. This too could have been curtailed vastly, as operation ‘Zubeida’ totally takes the cake. Sumit Arora’s dialogues are strong and could be toned down a bit. One doesn’t often use such an array of unheard-of foul language. The ten episodes could have been boiled down to an easy eight.  EndNote  In spite of all the plusses we’d rate this at 2.5/5 because of the unwarranted wait, and the needless fowl-play on the language!  

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