The Geocentric Man review: On KC Paul, a man who needs to be heard

The Geocentric Man review: On KC Paul, a man who needs to be heard
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If you are a resident of Kolkata, you must have noticed the walls near Exide, Rabindra Sadan, are full of formulas which are challenging the theories of Solar System which we have studied in school. They are written by a man named KC Paul, who distributes articles on how we are wrong about the concept of the solar system, the position of the Earth, Sun and planets. He takes a nominal amount while he sells his self-published articles where he proved that Earth is still, however, it is the Sun which rotates around the planet. When Galileo loudly spoke about his theories, he was kept on house arrest. In the 21st century too, when there’s a man who challenges the conventional structure of school textbooks, he had to face a lot of humiliation too, only to make himself heard. The documentary is a story of his struggle. He has been roaming around the streets of Kolkata, engaging into conversation with random pedestrian only to express his knowledge on why he believes that Earth is stagnant while the Sun is the one which rotates. This is a man, who also deserved attention, who also needed to be heard if not believed. The otherwise interesting documentary becomes laughable when it uses the background theme of ‘Game of Thrones’ and Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’. This isn’t a feature film but a documentary, which can work well, even if you choose to not have background music. ‘The Geocentric Man’ is a film that deserves the attention of the common man, scientists of NASA and ISRO. This might be a bigger opportunity for KC Paul to reach out to the public and convince his means because let's face it, just because something is being taught and told for years doesn’t make it right. History has enough evidence where some of the greatest philosophers had to face a lot of backlashes for going against conventions. Since this is the 21st century, and maybe this is the time when we can expect the society to be more civil and uniform. The Geocentric Man is available on HoiChoi Rating: 3/5

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