The Hockey Girls season 1 review: No ‘Chak De’ but not ‘Fek de’ either

The Hockey Girls season 1 review: No ‘Chak De’ but not ‘Fek de’ either
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Three of the hockey films produced by the Hindi film industry, Chak De India, Soorma, and Gold have managed to create more stir among the audience, than the films based on cricket, or cricket players. Angad Bedi, who played a hockey player in Soorma, had once said, that the reason might be because the rules in cricket never change. An Out is an out, a sixer is a sixer, the boundary means four, and runs depending on the number of runs the taken by the players. The game changes in Hockey with times. The Hockey Girls is less about hockey and more about the members of the team. Hockey is just the connecting medium that brings all the characters together as the women try to find a break from patriarchy, outside their living rooms. The series has been well directed, with interesting characters, however, they do not have qualities worthy for a spin-off. Almost every girl in Chak De India had a character of her own; in ‘The Hockey Girls’ there’s nothing particularly significant about them which makes us want to remember them forever. The beauty lies in experiencing their diversity, in terms of sexuality, personality, approach and how they come together to shatter the otherwise disturbing norms. After six episodes, we come to know that one of them is a homosexual, which seemed odd at first, but I was reminded of a moment from Otherhood. Why should a gay child come out and talk to their parents about it if homosexuality is normal? When children are heterosexual, they do not separately sit and talk to their parents to describe when they have feelings for the other gender, do they? Coming to the final round of the game, there are times when they fail and succeed. While Chak De India was about a Muslim man, trying to prove his love for the country, the game of hockey, by training 11 girls for World Cup, The Hockey Girls explore the teenage angst, the pressure women face in a male dominating society, while the women struggle hard to find a life. Hockey here is played not to win the World Cup but as a distraction. That keeps the Netflix watch strangely engaging. Rating: 3/5 (Watch this on Netflix here)

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