The Judge (2020)

The Judge (2020)
Platform : Youtube (Vak Media)
Language : Hindi
Synopsis : The Judge is a story of remorse and penance. It is also a story about a serious issue that Hindus and other communities are facing at present in India.
Cast : Ravi Taneja, Rajesh Pal, Jitender Kumar, Manali Bhandari, Sonali Chauraiya, Prem Prakash Meena, Chitra Singh, Madan Dogra, Upma Sharma, Karuna Mohta & others
Directors : Jithu Aravamudhan
Producer/s : V.Ramnath, Akshay Kapoor
Cinematographer (DoP) : VijayaMohan
Production House : VAK Media
Music : Srinivas

Movie Duration (minutes) : 58
Digital Premiere Date : June 5, 2020

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