The Knight Before Christmas Review - An imaginative love story undone by stale treatment

The Knight Before Christmas Review - An imaginative love story undone by stale treatment
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Directed by Monika Mitchell, the star cast of this Netflix release includes Vanessa Hudgens as Brooke, Josh Whitehouse as Sir Cole and Emmanuelle Chriqui as Madison in the prime lead. The film tells the story of a medieval English knight and his love interest. Magically transported to the current time, he falls in love with a high school science teacher who is disillusioned by love. It is due to a sorceress that the medieval knight, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) gets transported to present-day Ohio. He is friends with Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens), a clever and a kind-hearted science teacher. Filled with adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy and romance, the writer, Cara J. Russell overcooks the story with too many ingredients. Around 30 minutes into the film, you start identifying the less believable things of the film. One of those instances is when Vanessa's car is shown with the tree on the roof of the car and suddenly in the next frame; the car appears without a tree on its top. Did the Knight pull the tree off her car roof or what? These things are really difficult to believe! The overall 92-minute duration of the film has many such instances. The most common thought about Christmas movies is that they are romantic comedies. Vanessa Hudgens’ The Knight Before Christmas is again a similar template with a time-travelling tale twist. The best part of the film is reserved for the trailer. The different characters add a lot to the progress of the film. The Knight Before Christmas is an easy one time watch. The end of the film hints at a sequel that's not quite required.

Rating: 2.5/5

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