The Little Riddle (Oru Nurungu Samsayam) (2020)

The Little Riddle (Oru Nurungu Samsayam) (2020)
Platform : Youtube (Ramya Nambessan Encore)
Language : Malayalam
Synopsis : In the journey called life one has to meander through varied emotions and meet up with different circumstances. For kids, these experiences mold them into better adults. At times some events scar their psyche permanently. This short fiction film is one such intriguing tale of self discovery for a small girl child ,adequately supported by her parents. All they read is not true or untrue. The role of elders here is paramount. One's childhood needs to cherished and etched in one's heart of hearts...
Cast : Subrahmanian Unni, Ramya Nambessan, Vineeth kumar, Yara Khalid, Ambika Rao
Directors : Anoop Oommen
Producer/s : Ramya Nambessan
Cinematographer (DoP) : Anoop Oommen
Production House : Ramya Nambessan Encore
Music : Rahul Subrahmanian

Movie Duration (minutes) : 15
Digital Premiere Date : June 13, 2020

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