The Little Switzerland review - Where rootedness creates confusion

The Little Switzerland review - Where rootedness creates confusion
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What may be funny in one country may seem absurd in another, this reviewer who hails from India, took a little time to understand the humour inside the movie, maybe if I would have been a long-time resident of Castillian town, I would have been able to catch up with every dialogue and references. Set in a village with soothing picturesque, The Little Switzerland takes us to Castillian town of Telleria, which is a Basque country and the local people proudly call themselves so. The son of the mayor Gorka and his historian friend Yolanda plan their vacation only to discover that the tomb of Walter Tell, son of William Tell was hidden beneath the local church for centuries. This discovery paves way for Telleria to be a part of Switzerland, so the mayor Antolin seeks for acknowledgement from the government. In the meantime, the locals are happily taking part in a video for the promotion of Switzerland. There’s also a local priest who hides weapons in the Sanctuary of the Dull. Maybe if I were from the land this film originates from it would have been an interesting watch but for me, because it took me quite some time to figure out what the political conflict in the film might be? Meanwhile, I only started observing Gorka and Yolanda’s unspoken feeling for each other. She struggles with her feelings because on one hand she is already in a relationship. On some level, that is the only connection I could make with the movie because engaged man/woman falling in love with a random stranger is something Bollywood has been producing for quite some time. Rating: 2/5 (Watch the film on Netflix here)

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