The lovely Mrs. Mookherjee is a story that a young, talented makeup artists tells her prospective husband (arranged marriage date) with an intention to call off the wedding. Meeting the guy for the first time, Mouri realises that the person she is pressurized to marry is obsessed with himself and his abroad job, he is heedless to her opinions and her career, she decides to narrate a cleaver sarcastic tale of an inconsiderate poet and his wife - whom he neglects and looks at her as someone inferior - only suitable to do house chores. The story not only forms the core of the entire movie but its cliffhanger ending leaves Mouri's date and the audience thinking. Cent percent sure that his work in literature will win him a noble prize someday, Mr. Mookherjee marries only because he thinks eating his maid's food will kill him soon, and getting a wife who can cook, clean and cater to his every wish is the best way moving ahead. But his luck runs out when he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has only a few months to live. Worried that his greatness may go unnoticed after his death, Mr. Mookherjee forms a trust, consisting of a couple of his confidants and his wife. he assigns them duties to be performed after he is no more and also simultaneously plans to preserve his consciousness in a computer server ... what pans out next is both hilarious and surprising. The Lovely Mrs. Mookherjee, was released on 14th March 2019 and is currently streaming on Zee5, Directed by Indranil Roy Chowdhury, the movie intrigues from the word go and every scene adds up nicely to form a bigger, deeper intelligent plot. Although I must admit that I did guess the ending and the movie may get slightly predictable towards the end, the actors do a brilliant job of pulling off a well written and innovative script to full potential. Swastika Mukherjee, one of the famous names in Bengali cinema plays Mrs Mookherjee with flair and her husband’s role is essayed by acclaimed actor, Bratya Basu. Trying to mock social cliches that keep husbands on a higher pedestal in its own sarcastic and funny way, this movie is worth a watch. Rating 3.5 / 5 Reviewer Name: William Rebello

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