The Midnight Gospel Review – A walk into tech terrain

The Midnight Gospel  Review – A walk into tech terrain
Movie Rated


Clancy, a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator who leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in dying worlds.

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix

Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Comedy, Animated

What is the story about?
If you actually first hear the name ‘The Midnight Gospel’, you’ll think of the mysteries of the universe unravel right in front of your eyes. I would imagine Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Good Samaritan. But this is something that’s totally out of the box! The scene opens at Clancy’s home that is more like a capsule, located in some godforsaken place in the universe. So he is in the mood to get out somewhere, and how does he do it? Well, he touches his screen and looks through an array of planetary options that unfold right in front of his eye. Clancy’s fingers make for an instinctive pick. He then chooses the most appropriate avatar that he can dawn on and lands up in the place of his choice, by butting his head in a contraption that looks like a huge vagina, and gets him straight to where he wants to get at. His first stop is at the ‘ White House’, where he is scheduled to interview POTUS. But zombies raid the building, and while he is at the interview discussing why should drugs be consumed, and how could it help people shape their perspective. While at the interview, POTUS is armed with a rifle and is knocking the zombies head off, and sounding off his views of the same.

While this is one such instance; Clancy is on a trip unravelling the mysteries of the universe in the most charming way, that involve the theatrics of technology and the magic of an existence that can only be dreamed of by most.

Well, I wonder how to describe performances in an animated series, but I can certainly add the voices came alive realistic expressions, and the tonal variety added to the charm.

It is interesting how techies can actually put up a whole show unravelling the psychedelic charms of the universe, through a walk-in space.

Music and other departments
The music cannot earn the credit of gut-wrenching or moving, but its presence gave viewers a fair idea of what could be happening next. The production is basic; a three-dimensional perspective would certainly add to the delight of the viewer, instead of involving the use of flat animation.

The dialogues are witty and seemed like an extremely candid conversation. There is clarity in spite of the pace going slightly up. The icing on the cake is, the animated feature is a treat for those young adolescents who’ll enjoy animation with content that is very out of the box!

There is a lack of insight given into why is Clancy delving in a certain direction and what is the purpose of the same. The flat animation style hugely discounts the appeal of the show.

Did I enjoy it?
It was great while I watched it, but nothing that I’d brood on!

Do I recommend it? Why
I certainly would for all those teenagers who’re trying to seek answers to some of the most un-thought of questions.

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