The Mind, Explained review: Netflix web series lacks variety

The Mind, Explained review: Netflix web series lacks variety
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The mind works in strange ways; With films such as Memento, Inception, Fight Club, this theme has been an everlasting dominating factor in the realm of cinema. Netflix’s new docuseries, The Mind Explained produced by Vox remains an interesting watch, however, it feels less like the story of brains in general, and more like the memoirs of a few well-known people from the inner circle of Western media. Oscar awardee Emma Stone remains the voice of series. The visuals range from television news clips to the landing of the moon, and even the deadly attacks of 9/11 find space on-screen; In each moment Emma Stone heavily invests herself as the narrator. This five-part docuseries used the study materials of selected in-person interviews, who try to explain the inexplicable incidents, moments they have witnessed, what remains a mystery is whether that was the reality they witnessed or if it was a game played by their own minds. For obvious reasons the show attracts us but fails to convince us about their conclusions. The episodes cover topics such as dreams, mindfulness, anxiety, our sudden instincts to become the predators and how our mind sometimes only looks at two options, fight or flight. Our memories can be faulty, but so can be the methodology of Vox’s way of understanding the human mind Ratings: 2 stars  

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