The Minions of Midas Review

A slow burn thriller that works out to an extent!

The Minions of Midas Review
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The Minions of Midas is a brand new Spanish mini-series spanning six episodes. The series released on the platform on the 13th of November.

What is the story about?

The Minions of Midas is about a publisher and businessman Victor Genoves (Luis Tosar) who is being chased by an unknown organization. The organization asks Victor to send them a said amount of money every time, without which they will start killing people around him, one by one. Along with a journalist, the man finds out the reasons behind the same and uncovers the mystery.


For starters, The Minions of Midas is a slow burn thriller that slowly pinches in its details and gets the viewers entangled in the mystery. The series has a lot going for it, but we get to the bottom of the case only midway into the show, as both the character establishments and the storyline slowly peek their way in. The pacing is just about right, and there are a lot of emotional moments along the way too for the audiences to invest their attention, and there are many parts that raise the tempo throughout. However, those who’d like a fast-paced thriller may want to look elsewhere alone.


Luis Tosar is the star of the show, and he keeps it going with measured yet impressive performance. There are a lot of variances in his character arc, and he manages to exhibit them very well. Marta Belamonte supports him well both as a character and as an artist, while there are decent shows from Carlos Blanco, Willy Toledo and the others.

Music & Other Departments

The technical factors of the show are neat enough and do not hinder the flow of the series throughout.


The interesting storyline of the show and the mystery behind make it an interesting watch.


The slow burn format of the show might not go down too well with everybody.

Did I enjoy it?

Pretty much yes. An intriguing watch that kept me pinned despite some inconsistencies.

Do I recommend it?

If you’d like to invest 6 hours in a story that delivers well, this could be the one. However, carry a bag of patience with you.

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