The Mortuary Collection Review

A horror anthology that is truly entertaining

Aparnna Hajirnis -

The Mortuary Collection Review

What is the story about?

A young woman, Sam (Caitlin Custer) attends the funeral of a small boy and meets the mortician Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brow) and they talk about the profession of being a mortician. She challenges him to tell her the scariest stories about death that he has witnessed in his position.  There begins the anthology of four short stories. The first is based on a '50s housewife who has a mystery hidden in her bathroom. Next is the story of a slimy college boy in the '60s who meets his match. The third story is about a man in the '70s who has an ailing wife and he must make a decision about her. Sam tells the last tale set in the 80s about the 'Babysitters Murders'. Throughout the movie, Sam ridicules the stories as they are plain and boring, but what happens isn't what she prepared for.


Most of us don't associate horror films with an entertainment factor. Many people cringe, wince, and squirm when it comes to horror films. Seeing the gore and blood makes many people lose their lunch. However, The Mortuary Collection is truly entertaining and the anthology narrative makes it even more interesting. With an anthology, you get to see more content and makes you crave for more. This is what The Mortuary Collection does to you. The first two stories are laced with comedy and humour, while the other two have a certain amount of stoic seriousness to them. The final story, however, adds to the gory content that is required in every horror film and the climax makes you realize what a masterpiece the film is. The film has equal amounts of chills and thrills and it never strays away from their central concept- Being Scary. It does have a familiar setting of Halloween-laced horror, but nevertheless, it is a movie that you should be watching.


Both Clancy Brown and Caitlin Cluster play their parts perfectly well. Set in a sinister setting, they both play their characters to the T. The dialogues between them add to the sensational form of story-telling.

Music & Other Departments

The music is perfect for an eerie setting and some of the tracks are quite haunting. Filmmaker Ryan Spindell has ensured that the scariness doesn't take away the entertaining part of the storylines. It has been shot well and the various backdrops belonging to different eras certainly add on to the 'eclectic' quotient of the film.


It is a horror film that scares you, but which you also enjoy. The different stories that you see on the screen are unsettling, we agree, but they are so good that it would make you want this film to be turned into a franchise or a sequel.


The film opens to extreme cheesiness and the encounter with the leads makes the film seem less creepy than it is.

Did I enjoy it?

I loved it. I haven't enjoyed watching a horror film as much as I did with The Mortuary Collection. 

Do I recommend it?

Go for it! This film deserves to be streamed on some mainstream OTT platforms.

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