The Movies that Made Us Review - A breezy, lighthearted peek into the film business

The Movies that Made Us Review - A breezy, lighthearted peek into the film business
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Hollywood is known for creating some of the most iconic motion films ever. Most of these films have become an imperative part of our formative years. Some of these movies have positively impacted our lives. Netflix takes it in its stride to present an interesting narrative that goes behind the making of these films. It may interest one to learn that some of these iconic films could’ve got dumped if it were not for an embedded belief in the film or even if it were not for the cutting deadlines and impending pressures to make these pictures. The Movies that Made Us is a five-part documentary that speaks of iconic films such as ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘Die Hard’, and ‘Ghostbusters’. The narration is hilariously animated. The tone incorporated is neutral, giving viewers a very unbiased viewpoint on the possibilities involved if the protagonists were switched, or if there could’ve been just another director who could’ve made the film. However, this documentary makes it clear that the universe has played a pivotal role in bringing the right people together to make some of these epochal revelations. The cast and crew came together for these films despite the liberal cut budget slices, or barriers faced in terms of studio space, or name rights or any of the other conceivable problems one can think of while making a film. Yet, the films left an impact of the positive sort, having viewers come back to them from time to time. The interviews with the crew members of each of these films are fun; the same has been edited to make the documentary format a little more tongue in cheek. There’s a fine blend of originality and well driven analysis of the matter derived. The series also involves a great deal of archival footage giving insight into the way each of these films were shot. The draft boards, caricatures, and bound screenplays and scripts are telling of the work and creativity involved to arrive at that desired point of perfection. What could get involved are films from other genres including Bollywood, Spanish films, British Films and a lot many more. This could make the flavour of this talk show a little more global in orientation. Besides, the attempt to include some of the other important films across the globe would be appreciated. The interviews from the cast could render a more detailed insight on what goes on behind the scenes and the chemistry they have established with the crew. With the world becoming one global village, it also give impetus for the cast to take up to just a lot more than acting to make the movie more meaningful. Though The Movies that Made Us gives us insight into the movie business, there is a lot many facets of movie making that can be explored. The content is fun and easy of the ears.

Rating: 3/5

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