The Perfect Weapon Review

A succint yet searing commentary on cyber wars changing the face of geopolitics

Aparnna Hajirnis -

The Perfect Weapon Review

What is the story about?

The Perfect Weapon is a documentary based on the book by national security correspondent David E. Sanger and explores the rise of cyber attacks and cyber warfare used by powerful nations in the world to determine their geo-politics. 


With just two weeks to go for the 2020 US Presidential Elections, one can marvel at the timing of the release of the documentary 'The Perfect Weapon'. We are introduced to several top military and intelligence officials as well as new on-the-ground reporters who are covering the cyber wars. The documentary is disturbing and alarming as to how cyberweapons affect the outcome of geopolitics. Cyberwarfare is inexpensive and has the power to affect every single person in the world. But countries and politicians use cyberweapons to affect the outcome of elections, which threaten the democratic processes in place. The documentary shows how even 2016 were affected by cyber warfare, how Sony was hacked after Seth Rogen released a film 'The Interview' showing the Korean Leader Kim-Jong-Un in a bad light. It has to be noticed how Seth Rogen hasn't directed any film or series after the Sony hacking incident.


The documentary shows the flipside of the internet and how cyberweapons are the most dangerous weapons after the nuclear bomb. With cyberweapons, the countries don't need to send in their armies, just hire a few hackers and invest in technology to settle scores.


 I was hoping I could get to see more of it and wishing it could have been a series. 

Did I enjoy it?

I was gobsmacked seeing the documentary. It left me unsettled, yet wanting to see more of how cyberwars are changing the face of geopolitics.

Do I recommend it?

Go for it! The documentary is truly engaging and intriguing. 

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