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The Republic of Sarah

The Republic of Sarah
Voot Select
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TV Show
Movie Rated
  • Director(s) :

    Erica Dunton, Kat Candler

    Producer(s) :

    Jim Kontos

  • Cast :

    Stella Baker, Luke Mitchell, Hope Lauren, Nia Holloway, Ian Duff, Izabella Alvarez, Nicola Correia-Damude, Mika Amonsen, Ellen David, Salvatore Antonio, Ryan Bruce, Mohamed El-Husseini, Simon Anthony, Xander Berkeley, Eric Clark, Luisa d'Oliveira, Christopher de Courcy-Ireland, Daniel di Tomasso, Hasani Freeman, Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves, Etienne Kellici, Kate MacLellan, Sarah Booth, K.C. Coombs, Andrew Di Bello, Arlene Duncan, Francesco Giannini, Yan Joseph, Richard Jutras, Paloma Nuñez, Nicolas Paquin, Xavier Sotelo, Landry Bender, Forrest Goodluck, Dan Thompson

  • Cinematographer (DoP) :

    Sylvaine Dufaux, Pierre Jodoin, Brett Pawlak

    Music Director :

  • Production House :

    Fulwell 73, Black Lamb, CBS Studios

The Republic of Sarah is a drama series that is directed by Erica Dunton and Kat Candler and produced by Jim Kontos. The series is scheduled to premiere on Voot Select on the 15th of June 2021.

The Republic of Sarah follows a young woman who leads a movement for independence for her small town in response to impending destruction from a state-backed mining company.


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