The Reunion: Chal Chalein Apne Ghar (2021) Review

An emotional family drama that progresses a little too slowly

Rony Patra -

The Reunion: Chal Chalein Apne Ghar (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

The story follows the Pujari family, who struggle to deal with emotional fallout resulting from the death of the matriarch Leela.


The Reunion: Chal Chalein Apne Ghar, currently playing on The Zoom Studios channel on Youtube, is just like your conventional drama harping on the pushes and pulls of a dysfunctional family in a picturesque setting, and the Kapoor and Sons influence on the screenplay is unmistakably there. There is a sense of predictability that settles in right from the first episode. Amol and his wife Tina are straining under the weight of a desire for parenthood and workplace issues. Aman is stuck in a dead-beat medical college, detached and dejected. And once the action shifts to the Pujari household, we realize everyone else is grieving as well. Madhav, the patriarch, is still trying to come to terms with Leela's death. And Atika, the youngest adopted daughter, has become the de facto mother in Leela's absence, while also struggling with her emotions on Aman's return. There's a lot happening in the show, and certain sequences stand out.


However, the sluggish screenplay makes this show longer than it should have been. Over nine episodes, all of this plays out, and you wish the writers picked up the pace more. The Odisha Tourism connection seamlessly blends into the story in the initial half, but there are certain strecthes where the brand association becomes painfully obvious. Nevertheless,if weepy family dramas are your thing, you can give this a watch.


The entire cast does a dependable job, with KK Raina and Devika Vatsa in particularly noteworthy turns.

Music & Other Departments

The background score and cinematography give this series a distinct flavour.


KK Raina and Devika Vatsa's performances.


  • Sluggish screenplay
  • The Odisha Tourism brand association sticks out too much in certain sequences

Did I enjoy it?

I liked a number of sequences.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, if weepy family dramas are your thing.

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