The Speed Cubers Review - A short, sweet and simply fantastic documentary on an unusual championship!

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The Speed Cubers Review - A short, sweet and simply fantastic documentary on an unusual championship!

Format: Documentary
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: All Ages
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 30 July 2020


The Speed Cubers is the latest in the list of documentary films from Netflix, which have been grabbing the attention of a niche audience. Contrary to most other documentaries on the platform, this one has a runtime of just 40 minutes.

What is the film about?
Do you know what a Rubik’s cube is? Of course, you do, but you better also watch and learn about the two biggest champions of the Rubik’s cube solving championship – Feliks Zemdegs and Max Park. The film spans the backgrounds of the two youngsters and narrates the period of time over which they compete against each other and pave a path to a lovable rivalry.

The Speed Cubers grabs our attention right from the very first frame, where we are introduced to the contest and the contestants in a very exciting manner. There are lots to like in the mannerisms, camaraderie and the body of work of both Feliks and Max, who both have their limitations but still manage to end up victorious at different points of their life. Within the short span of time, the documentary manages to explore the relationships that the contestants share with their families, and also give us enough footage on their rivalry which isn’t just about fighting but about pure respect and admiration for each other. The fly-on-the-wall approach in some of the scenes is very fascinating, giving us a you-are-there experience while watching it all.

The only drawback that I felt about this documentary is that it could have been longer, giving us more details and stories about the two contestants, who are both characters who are easy to like.

Do I recommend it?
Yes. If you have seen and loved Netflix’s ‘Spelling the Dream’ which was an impressive documentary about the spelling championship, this is yet another little gem that is cut from the same cloth. Don’t miss it.


Platform : Netflix
Language : English
Synopsis : Discover the special bond — and uncommon competitive spirit — shared by the world's Rubik's Cube-solving record breakers in this documentary.
Directors : Sue Kim
Producer/s : Evan Krauss, Chris Romano
Cinematographer (DoP) : Ben Blennerhassatt, Chris Olson
Production House : Romano Films, Wieden & Kennedy
Music : Dan Vidmar

Movie Duration (minutes) : 40
Digital Premiere Date : July 31, 2020

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