The Stand In Review

Even Two Drew Barrymores cannot save this awful film

Rony Patra -

The Stand In Review
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What is the story about?

Paula, a lookalike for acclaimed comic actress Candy Black, falls on hard times when Candy loses her acting career and reputation because of a meltdown. When Candy enlists her help for attending rehab so that she can focus on herself, Paula starts taking over her life.


There are comedies that make you laugh and keep you glued to your seat. There are comedies that are probably not that funny, but you can sit through its general silliness and still chuckle once or twice. The Stand In, however, belongs in a league of its own. Each minute of this film is either boring or cringe-worthy, and it makes you feel sad for actor Drew Barrymore, who is terrible here. The entire premise of this film—a lookalike forcibly taking over the original’s life—has been done to death in myriad action thrillers and comedies. Here, it’s a slog to sit through. Halfway through the film, it seems as if the cast and crew just decided, to borrow one of Candy’s dialogues, to “flush this turd down the toilet”.

Most of the humour is purely juvenile, making Indra Kumar’s Masti franchise look award-winning by comparison. The entire track revolving around Candy and a love interest revolves around carpentry, and thus even their romantic talk revolves around wood, with various wood-based metaphors for sex. This is the sort of film boys hitting puberty would’ve dreamt up on a movie screen. I get that streamers are constantly looking for content, but why did Netflix choose this?


The entire cast seems as if they would much rather be doing something else, or rather, anything else.

Music & Other Departments

Eric Moynier’s camerawork looks like a manifestation of his embarrassment at being part of this endeavour. The lighting gets too dark on some occasions. Daniel Wohl’s score is okay.




What do you say about a film that itself is a huge setback to the comedy genre globally?

Did I enjoy it?

No. It’s dreadful.

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely not.

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