The Tomorrow War (2021) Review

Chris Pratt’s summer spectacle is a fun film that takes us on a mostly engaging, entertaining ride!

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The Tomorrow War (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

As Dan Forester continues his lookout for a job, he is surprised by the arrival of a group of people from the year 2051, who reveal that they are here to take a skilled force into the future, to combat aliens who have been invading and destroying the earth. But Dan has to leave his family back home before he goes, with more surprises waiting at the other end. 


The Tomorrow War does a few things right at the very beginning, and is helped big time by it as well. The film gets its setup done right, as we are fed with all the details that we need within just 30 minutes of the runtime. After that, it is Chris Pratt and his onscreen companions who take us through the action-packed portions of the film, which are very convincing for almost the entirety of the runtime. The film does have some poor CGI here and there, but that doesnt always dilute the output of the excitement that the makers are able to create. Apart from this, it is interesting how the film constantly holds onto the emotional angles that it has, putting forth the concept of fatherhood very strongly and beautifully. 


Chris Pratt gets a strong and entertaining part to play once again, and he does that with utmost confidence, executing great style and command in the action sequences. He forms a superb onscreen relationship with Yvonne Strahovski, who is one of the best casting additions to the film. JK Simmons is good as well, in a role that needs him to bring out his talents in the right fashion.

Music & Other Departments

It’s great how The Tomorrow War uses music to build up some of its action sequences, with a special mention to those in the first hour. The cinematography and the edits are good enough, but the film could have done with better visual effects which are at times too graphical. 


Chris Pratt’s enjoyable performance and the action sequences make this worth a watch. 


The film gets too one-toned towards the end, and benefits nothing out of its overdrawn climax. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. Particularly in the first half, which was perfectly done. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes. The Tomorrow War would have been a solid watch in theatres, but even on OTT, it goes down as one of the better action movies released during the pandemic. 

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