The Witches Review

Robert Zemickis’ brand new adaptation doesn’t live up to its range and respect!

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The Witches Review
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The Witches is a new adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic which made people go about it in the 1990s. The film is currently streaming on HBO Max.

What is the story about?

The time is the late 1960s, and an orphaned young boy holidays in a hotel at Alabama, along with his grandmother. What he slowly comes to know is that there are a group of witches coming together for a conference, and have the superpowers to turn people into mice.


The Witches is a story that has impressed with both its book and cinematic versions so far, but here, Robert Zemickis' tricks do not stand up to the party much. The setup and the ambience is well done, but the story takes way too much time to pick up speed and interest. There is a lot of sugar coating done, but sadly, the film is infected with a bland feeling at every turn. It's quite disappointing because Zemickis is a director who is associated with some visual treats throughout his career, with films like Polar Express as a great example. Despite the presence of a nice cast, the film suffers from many tonal and visual inconsistencies and incidents that do not contribute to its totality.


Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer are the two artists worth mentioning here, and it's unfortunate to say that they deserved a better film. Here, their performances are unevenly spaced out with some scenes being really good but the surrounding factors not helping them even by a bit in the other cases. 

Music & Other Departments

While the music and cinematography were pretty good overall, one thing that turned out to be a blunder was the VFX. To be blunt, it was an eyesore.


Anne Hathaway's presence was the sole highlight.


Looking at it from an aerial view, the film is an improper adaptation that spoils the memory of the original. Almost every department has a flaw to mention.

Did I enjoy it?

No. The film was colourful but nothing more

Do I recommend it?

Not really. Better watch the old version as it may still live up to today's world.

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