The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity Review

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The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity Review
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What is the story about?

Qing Ming's master is killed by a vicious and dangerous demonic serpent who returns to the spirit world after a few hundred years. It is now up to Qing to save his realm, travel to Imperial Court and destroy the serpent. 



The movie The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity was supposed to release in the pre-Covid era, but it had its own share of controversies. Nevertheless, fans of the fantasy genre like me were excited to watch it. However, we were met with giant disappointment when the film hit the small screens on Netflix earlier today. For instance, a lot of the movie seems to have CGI and plotlines similar to Doctor Strange. Also, the whole part of Qing Ming and his entourage just seems a bit too outdated. No wonder the makers of this film were accused of plagiarism, but it is neither shocking nor surprising. A lot of the characters are bathed in self-righteousness that doesn't go down well with viewers in 2021. There is a lot of mentor-disciple bonding that is at the crux of the story, upholding one's beliefs, true love, sacrifice, and protecting one's kingdom, but sadly it is all that we have always been familiar with. Not to forget all the unnecessary plots that have been added to the film that make it not only boring but also pretentious and confusing. 


Mark Chao who plays our hero Qing Ming is serene and calm, but also angry when needed. But it is Jessie Li who wins our hearts with her performance. She introduces some much-needed zing and flavour to the bland and insipid film. The rest of the cast is strictly average in their performances. 

Music & Other Departments

Since this is a fantasy film it does have some ominous and sombre music in the background, but nothing worthy of a mention. The special effects look a bit ridiculous, especially that of the CGI generated serpent who eats people's dreams. A lot of the action and fight sequences are quite interesting, yet they have been let down by a really half-baked and convoluted script. 


None at all


The movie will leave you with more questions than answers after you are done watching it.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

No. Skip this movie.

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