Them: Covenant Review

A thrilling ride that will excite you and scare the daylights out of you

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Them: Covenant Review
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What is the story about?

Them: Covenant is a limited anthology series that explores terror with the backdrop of racism in America. Set in the 1950 the, first season tells the story of a  Black family who moves from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood during the historical event of 'The Great Migration'. The family soon finds out that they not only have to battle racism, but also malevolent and evil forces that are set to break them apart. 


'Them: Covenant' is a show which at the beginning makes us relate to the great American dream. It has a lot of references to 'The Great Migration' and several civil unrest instances. A Black family moves to the East Comptons, a predominantly white-neighbourhood in Los Angeles.They are met with a lot disparaging looks as the 'Queen Bee' decides to drive them out. The creators want to introduce us to the racism faced by the Blacks in the 50s, with a supernatural element added to it. And it works. There are layers to the story and each of the four main leads have a parallel story that unfolds as the series moves further. We are shown how they face racism even at the supermarket and workplace. What however, does not work is the fact that the story is limited in its nature and for 10 episodes of 1 hour each it seems to drag on. You however, have to give it to the creators for incorporating a lot of cultural divide inputs that make you really wonder about 1950s America. There are a lot of scenes that remind you of Lovecraft Country and The Haunting of Bly Manor or even The Haunting Of Hill House, but nevertheless, Them truly scares the hell out of you.


Deborah Ayorinde as Lucky in Them has done a fantastic job and so has Ashley Thomas. You can feel the searing pain they go through facing so many troubles as the same time. You literally get goosebumps, when they start encountering the unknown spectres. The scene where Ashley stuffs his mouth with tissues so as to not let the children hear his screams is both scary and touching. 
Shahadi Wright, Joseph and Melody Hurd have played their parts well. Allison Pill as the evil Betty also has a very intriguing character. 

Music & Other Departments

The best part about a horror movie or series are always the spine-chilling music and the special effects. Them, scores highly on both aspects. It has been shot very well and kudos to the makers who paid attention to every minute detail in presenting us with the era of the 1950s. The makeup, the dresses also deserve a special mention. 


This is one of the most scary films to come out in a long time.
The lead cast have done a fantastic job with their acting skills.
While being fictional, it does raise a lot of valid points about racism.


It could have been a 2-3hours long movie. The 10 episodes far too much for a horror series with less content. 

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

If you are happy with the length of the series, do watch it. But be prepared it can be really spooky and unsettling.

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