These Fascinating Web Series Never Aired and We Wonder Why?

Rhea Srivastava -

These Fascinating Web Series Never Aired and We Wonder Why?

Not everything in the world of web shows is ha-ha-hee-hee. With new services cropping up every month, and almost every major consumer relying almost solely on streaming platforms for their entertainment, demand is high and ideas are aplenty. But only a few shows actually make it to production. This may seem unlikely with new shows being announced almost every day but really, not every concept is actually followed through by creators. 

Here are some interesting shows that aren’t available to watch because of reasons unknown, but would have certainly made for good viewing:

Badman (Season 2)

Not too many people know that Gulshan Grover-starrer ‘Badman,’ a mockumentary film which did the round of film festivals and then was released as a web original during its initial release four years ago, was actually a Voot Original show. The film was initially released as a funny episodic in 2016 with celebrity cameos, faux product placement and delusional sequences, making people believe that the success of the show as a film would spurn a second season. Unfortunately, neither the film nor the series saw a sequel, and we don’t have any news on whether there are plans to resurrect it.

Baked (Season 3)

An original web series by ScoopWhoop Talkies, Baked was about the misadventures of three college flatmates in the business of late-night food delivery. Written by Vishwajoy Mukherjee and Akash Mehta, Baked premiered in 2015 and the second season followed soon after in 2016. Since both of these are available for free on Youtube, they have lacs of views and a lot of critical acclaims. The show’s third season was possibly conceptualised two years ago with the creators even mentioning that the show could be turned into a film. It was expected that Pranay Manchanda, Shantanu Anam and Manik Papneja would reprise their roles and continue the incomplete story of their characters - Haris, Oni and Body forward. It’s been a while and possibility of a third season now seems unlikely. 

Gangster Newton

Back in 2017, actor Nakuul Mehta announced a web show called ‘Gangster Newton’ under his home banner Timbuktu. The series would have starred Shashank Arora (who later made his mark in films like Rock On 2, and the web show Made in Heaven). Directed by Ajay Singh, Gangster Newton would be a scientific gangster comedy about a boy genius who survives in the underworld using scientific skill and knowledge. The trailer was dropped and it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. While the show was in post-production by 2018, we think that the final product wasn’t desirable and hence, it was scrapped.

Gormint (The Ministry)

Leaving aside the fact that the then-showrunner and creator of Amazon Prime’s political satire ‘Gormint,’ was removed from its credits in light of allegations of sexual misconduct during the height of the Indian #MeToo movement, there was still a possibility of it going into production when the players were changed. Gormint would have been about a man who becomes part of the ‘Ministry of Culture’ to hilarious effect. Soon after though, the show’s lead actor - the late Irrfan Khan - opted out, due to his ill-health. By early 2019, the news was that Khan had been replaced by Arshad Warsi. However, there have been no updates since then.

Guns and Thighs

Named (and perhaps based) on filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s autobiography, the interestingly-titled ‘Guns and Thighs’ would have had all the elements of his most famous work - gangsters, guns, corruption, action, brawls, and women. A sexy poster and trailer made the rounds in 2017, and the show’s official website still exists. Varma claimed that he had enough material to fill in four seasons and rumour has it that one season was completed. But we don’t think it would be seeing the light of day any time soon. 



Another series from the house of RGV, Kadapa would have been
the first international show to be made in Telugu. A four-minute trailer was released in 2017 dealing with the region of Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh and inspired by real-life factionalism in the area. It was violent and brutal and highly dramatic. If the comments on the video are anything to go by, people are still anticipating the show. So, who knows… perhaps RGV may actually release the show as a film. 

Starting Up

Soon after the trailer for this romantic show was put up on Youtube, it was pulled down. ‘Starting Up’ starred Monica Sehgal and Hitesh Malukani in the lead and would have centred around two individuals who ended up getting married and discovering each other, and themselves, in the process. The show was directed by Debapriya Sengupta Ghosh under Kairos Productions’ banner. A statement was released by the show’s team claiming that it would take some more time to see the light of day, but that was way back in 2017.


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