Thirike Review

A heartwarming tale that isn’t perfect, but will still tug your heartstrings!

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Thirike Review
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Thirike is the latest release from NeeStream, the relatively new OTT provider from Mollywood. The film came online on the 26th of February.

What is the story about?

Thirike is based on the relationship between two orphaned brothers, who were separated in childhood. While Thoma (George Kora) stays back at the orphanage, his younger brother Ismu (Gopi Krishna) gets adopted by a couple. The duo grow up in their own ways, only to cross paths later in life and get reminiscent of their early days that they spent together, even though less in memory.


Thirike is a film that gets its basics right, understanding that its world is quite small and only has a handful of characters. It provides a good set of shades to its characters and allows them to build their arc interestingly, by putting across a straight-set of events. The relationship between Thoma and Ismu isn’t established to the best of its abilities onscreen, but one thing’s for sure, it is easy to build up to the emotions of the two men onscreen and follow their tale. With simple but relatable dialogues, George Kora brings about the real feelings of the duo and takes us on a likable road trip. However, some more care in the first half would have helped it further.


George Kora in the lead role keeps it going with a sweet show that is good to watch and is ably supported by Gopi Krishna who has a nice presence and is proactively set into the mood of the film. The film’s support cast is limited, but there’s a very good role cut out for Sarasa Balussery.

Music & Other Departments

Thirike has fine music and cinematography, in line with every other Malayalam film these days, holding a good standard overall.


Thirike shines in the presence of its two main leads.


The film takes a bit of time to warm up, and there are missteps in few wrong directions at that point.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. Thirike is a short and sweet experience.

Do I recommend it?

Another one of those watchable feel-good films that hit Mollywood shores.

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