This Is Paris YouTube Originals Review:

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This Is Paris YouTube Originals Review:
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What is the story about?

Paris Hilton, one of the world's most controversial and talked about celebrity, a favourite of the paparazzi, bares her soul and reveals deepest darkest secrets about her life. Hilton's story of her teenage years, seems to be a story of rich teenage rebellion. As she drinks and parties, her parents send her to multiple reformatory schools. She runs away from most of them, but it is the last and worst, Provo Canyon school, in Utah. Hilton has accused the staff of verbal and mental abuse. When she was a teenager, she was emotionally and physically abused for nearly a year in the same school. Till date this incident haunts her. A sex tape with her then, much older boyfriend was leaked. A situation completely out of her control, and one that still visibly upsets her and her family, Hilton claims that she was so in love with this man that she would do anything to make him happy, and that she would not have made such decisions without the trauma she experienced at school.


For the first time, Paris Hilton shows us a side of her vulnerability. The documentary humanizes a woman, we so loved to hate.

 "I wanted to do something, but at the same time I didn't want to hurt my brand," she said. "I can't have this be part of my business, and people won't understand. But if I don't do this it's going to continue to happen and I'm going to continue being traumatized and think about it the rest of my life, " she adds. The documentary talks about the abusive relationships she faced, her run-ins with the law and substance abuse. 



This documentary seems to have been made for Paris to atone for her wrong-doings.

Did I enjoy it?

As much as I feel sorry for the abuse and toxicity that she had to endure, the documentary seemed like too PRish.

Do I recommend it?

Maybe, if you like reality television, you can give it a watch.

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