TikiTaka Zee5 Movie Review: An average fare you can give a try if you really have nothing great to watch

TikiTaka Zee5 Movie Review: An average fare you can give a try if you really have nothing great to watch
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What is the story about?

Khelechi Ajgubi (Emona Enabulu) from Senegal reaches Kolkata to deliver a football with narcotic drugs inside to a most-dreaded local ruffian named PK (Saswata Chatterjee). However, the latter’s henchmen identify the wrong man and take him while Khelechi gets picked up by a conman driver Raju (Parambrata Chattopadhyay). What unfolds next is a series of fun-filled drama sparked off when the entire city mistakes Khelechi as the International football player.


Filmmaker Parambrata Chattopadhyay and writers Rohan Ghose, Shouvik Banerjee have taken up a very simple plot, trying to make it impressive. But despite trying to entertain the audiences, the movie sticks to the average meter on the radar. The problem is with the writing, where the formula of ‘Comedy of Errors’ could have been used to the fullest. Of course, the entire duration of the film is approximately 100 minutes, which makes it a crisp one, but still, the humour quotients lack. The only place, where we find the slapstick comedy is in the house of PK, where the Raju-Bonny duo tries to rescue their friend. Although the act is enjoyable, it remains short-lived. The writers should have tried having at least a couple more sequences of this paradigm, which would have made our experience engrossing. When it comes to sketching the characters, some of them are simple and good, whereas few look too artificial. Say, for instance, the roles of PK and Bonny doesn’t impress us to a greater extent. Especially, when it comes to the character of Bonny, she doesn’t have anything to do other than roaming behind the mistaken identity with a camera and then falling in love with him for no reason. 



Its good work by the entire star-cast for everyone has religiously performed their roles with so much of naturalness. Parambrata Chattopadhyay effortlessly renders a decorous spell. Be it humorous or emotional situations, he is at his best, especially with his dialogue deliveries. On the other hand, Emona Enabulu as Kelechi Ajgubi has done what is required from his role. His looks and mannerisms embellish the characterization of Kelechi Ajgubi. Ribhari Chakraborty has a pleasant screen presence but doesn’t get a meaty role to establish her prominence. Moreover, her character owns a dim-witted shade and that’s something to blame upon the director and writers. Saswata Chatterjee is just okay for his characterization looks too artificial and doesn’t get to perform anything other than chewing the betel and repeating the same humorous act, which tests your patience after a certain extent. 

Music & Other Departments

A decent effort by music directors Neel Dutt and Arko Mukherjee keep enhancing the drama now and then. The songs are just mediocre, but the background score is quite commendable in a few places. In particular, the final moments get escalated with the promising BGM. Cinematography by Ravi Kiran is okay and he has captured the backdrops of Kolkata neatly. This is one among the rarest visuals, where he gets to see this city in a beautiful dimension.  


Performance of Parambrata Chattopadhyay & Emona Enabulu
Running length 


Lacks the perfect essence of humour that the genre actually demands

Did I enjoy it?

I watched it without expectations and it was kinda okay.

Do I recommend it?

If you don’t have anything on your watch list and want to kill your time, this will work for you to a certain extent.

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