TikTok-ers wanted: HBO Max will pay to promote their website.

Sajid Ali -

TikTok-ers wanted: HBO Max will pay to promote their website.

The recently launched streaming platform HBO Max is desperately looking to promote their website. And they’re on a hunt for a social media wizard to run their HBO Max account on the stupendous TikTok app. They’ve announced it publicly offering a paid internship to anyone who can fulfil their need at the moment. 

Recently TikTok app was heavily criticized for the content it carried and the effect on the younger generation who are convinced that a large number for followers and online popularity is enough to make a career. The ratings of the app went down rapidly with negative reviews on Google play store. But they bounced back strong and are continuing their streak with no hindrance. 

This proves that TikTok is undeniably huge and has a huge impact on brands. With a user base of billions and content which goes viral on TikTok has great potential with amazing reach than similar posts on other social media platforms. TikTok is a platform which even celebrities can’t resist. Especially during the lockdown, many have resorted to TikTok to keep their fans entertained. Also, TikTok is successful in swaying the opinions of centuries-old companies. 

With so much potential and reach no wonder, HBO wants to get in on that action. Their recently launched HBO Max streaming service is in dire need of help to gain traction on TikTok. They’ve posted an interesting job listing on their website looking for a person who has a firm grasp and love for TikTok. The position is currently posted as a paid internship with a competitive hourly wage. The potential candidate will work alongside HBO’s marketing team, possibly gaining real work experience in the entertainment industry. Obviously they’ll be rewarded with free HBO Max subscription.

It’s surprising to notice that the HBO account’s followers number, which is barely above 6000. It may be fine for a new TikTok user, but not for a network with decades of marketing experience and record-breaking popular shows like Game of Thrones in its roster.

When the marketing teams seem unable to connect on social media, it’s quite easy to assume they’re staffed by out of touch suits and that seems to be the case with HBO at present. So, people who thought TikTok is consuming and producing content creators by mulling their creativity and once which was considered to be a useless app destroying the youth might prove to be making money for an individual. Wonder who’s going to take advantage of this lucrative offer and which TikTok-er is going to shine above the others. Let’s wait and watch.

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