Time Enna Boss Review: A very boring show that tests your patience with bad jokes all over!

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Time Enna Boss Review: A very boring show that tests your patience with bad jokes all over!
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Produced by Kavithalayaa, Time Enna Boss is the next in the web-series category from Kollywood. The 10-episode sitcom is created by Super Subu in association with many other writers.


What is the story about?

Being a sitcom, Time Enna Boss doesn’t actually cling on to a fat storyline as we are just introduced to an average IT guy in Bala (Bharath) who encounters four different people from different timelines through a time machine in his washroom. The series tries to adopt the different narrative techniques from shows such as Friends and How I Met Your Mother, with minimal locations and laugh-a-minute comics being the aim.



For starters, it is not easy for Tamil audiences to warm up to the idea of a sitcom after watching the well-known faces of the show in mainstream films earlier. In addition to that, the production value equals the numerous amount of web-series on YouTube, the locations are just a handful with a lot of cheap CG and the worst part is how the show’s main actor has not dubbed for himself here. However, all of these flaws could have been negligible if the show had a funny script, but sadly, that goes in vain. Except for a few one-liners here and there, Time Enna Boss suffers in its attempts to tickle the funny bone and is busy offering lame and lewd jokes that are either stupid, old or not relatable at all. The show’s funny moments are few and far apart, and the only places where you might be laughing out loud are the ones at which popular celebrities are trolled.



Even the cast, who have been given a quirky arc each, cannot save the show from its own poor brand of comedy. There is indeed something to like in how Robo Shankar and Karunakaran have gone about their roles, but apart from them, the other characters rarely come to the party or make a mark. Even the hyped cameos by Ashok Selvan and Naan Kadavul Rajendran fail to evoke laughter, and only add more fuel to the fire.

Music & Other Departments

There is nothing to say about the technicalities of the show, which do not do any good to it. At least, the laughing gag sounds could have been avoided, as they just tested my patience further.


Few comic sequences featuring Robo Shankar and Karunakaran will manage to make you laugh.


Somebody else dubbing for Bharath and the poor quality of jokes were the two biggest bummers for me, looking at it from an aerial view.


Did I enjoy it?

No way. Though I really looked forward to this show, it has turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Do I recommend it?

No. Time Enna Boss is one of the weakest attempts yet in the Tamil web-series space.

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