Tony Parker The Final Shot Review

Tony Parker The Final Shot is Go, Spur, Go, indeed!

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Tony Parker The Final Shot Review
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What is the story about?

This retrospective documentary focuses on the background and career of the stupendous Tony Parker, whose perseverance and determination led him to become the greatest French basketball player. The documentary is directed by Florent Bodin.


Netflix has been very generous with their share of documentaries and have been dishing out regularly across the genres and have been doing a great job with the content creation. That being said their streak of basketball documentaries from last year is known to everyone and The Last Dance was the talk of the town. The recently released Tony Parker The Final Shot is surely going to hit a sweet spot with the sports and documentary fans.

The series has Parker’s final game as focus and take you down memory lane and establishes a great picture of the athlete who has inspired millions and has been the dearest to his family and peers. Parker’s achievements are tremendous and no one can argue with that. 4 NBA championships, NBA Finals MVP, 6 times NBA All-Star to name a few from an impressive list of his achievements. Not only that he also represented France in 2013 and was named the MVP of EuroBasket 2013following his team’s victory over Lithuania in the final.

You’d be surprised to know that he was more of a soccer person at first. But he grew up watching Jordan’s games on TV and that inspired him to play a completely different sport. When you watch Michael Jordan praising Parker for his diligent sportsmanship you get a clear picture that Tony Parker is not only a great player but an emotion that everyone gets. And with Kobe Bryant stating that Tony was the reason he had lost few series shows the determination with which Parker built his career. The film ends with a small tribute thanking Kobe for his kind and inspiring words about Parker.

As decorated he was in his sport his personal life was an interesting affair too. His peeps from the Spurs team mention that he put life into the team with his glitzy lifestyle and when he tied the knot with actress Eva Langoria, it brought a great focus on the team as Hollywood stepped into his life. But, sadly it didn’t last. He moved and got married to Axelle Francine (French Journalist) and recently got divorced in 2020.


The highlight of this docu-film is its making which had a feel of the film with great moments put together with impeccable editing and cinematography. What added to the experience was the background score and music that went well with the subject.


I would the length of the film a bit stretch out? Could’ve been a little shorter than might’ve made it a perfect package!

Do I recommend it?

Fan or no fan of the sport, you’ll end up googling Tony Parker after watching this docu-film. It has enough to know about the athlete but still, you may want to know more.

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