Too Hot to Handle Couple Harry and Francesca Get Engaged Too Hot To Handle Reunion!

Too Hot to Handle Couple Harry and Francesca Get Engaged Too Hot To Handle Reunion!

It’s been only three weeks since the time that Netflix’s reality love game Too Hot to Handle came into our lives (we understand that it feels longer during quarantine… perhaps this is all that everyone has been watching). The show puts many attractive singles in one place and most of them do go out on dates with each other, but only a few make it till the end as a ‘couple.’ A year after filming, a few couples are still together. And one of those is the infamous Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. But the latest is that the two lovebirds got engaged online.


As expected, the show which has barely been on the air, went for a Zoom reunion for fans and the pair shared the story of how their relationship has grown since the show wrapped up last year. Even though Harry and Francesca are spending quarantine separately, they mentioned that they look forward to what the future holds. It was just at this moment when host Desiree Burch asked them if they had taken their relationship to the next level (“has the question been popped yet?”) and Harry immediately rose to the occasion. 
Harry Jowsey got down on one knee and pulled out ring Pop candy which doubled as an engagement ring. "I just want to say you've absolutely changed my life, I love you so much and I can't wait to spend forever with you. Do you want to do this thing? Do you want to get married?" His lady-love Francesca immediately accepted. "Harry knows I want to marry him, so yes," she said. 


Later, Harry shared a picture of the two on his official Instagram with the caption - "Where should we have the wedding." Both Harry and Francesca are spending quarantine in their home country but constantly connect online. While the two took a small break from the connection sometime last year (when he moved to Vancouver and she to Australia), they kept in touch and eventually got back together. 
While we have no other details on the wedding, it is quite possible that Netflix may want to make a ‘thing’ out of it. Well, we’re ready.
Meanwhile, Too Hot to Handle is currently streaming on Netflix. 



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