Too Hot to Handle review: Is at odds with the very nature of its genre.

Too Hot to Handle review: Is at odds with the very nature of its genre.
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On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there's a twist. To win a $100,000 grand prize, they'll have to give up sex.

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+ (Language, Sex, Nudity)
Genre: Romance, Reality

Bronzed hedonists, a tropical island, a cash prize. We’ve seen it all before ... but Netflix’s new series ups the drama with a dubious, socially-distanced twist. Good luck trying to abstain

What is the story about?
What happens when sexually active, young folks come together hoping to spend a paid holiday? The women are in bikinis and men in their boxers (only boxers). They find themselves in the company of people who are ready to have meaningless sex. A few hours later, a robot named Lana comes alive to tell them that they can only enjoy the glory of watching each other get semi-nude but they CANNOT have sex. 

(Every now and then, the beach and the chameleon makes a cameo appearance.)

This was a reality game check for a generation that is ready to swipe for sex but not ready to emotionally connect with each other. This game happens in a beach house and it restricts its participants from heavy petting, kissing, caressing and touching. Most importantly NO SEX no matter how nude or sexy the girl or the guy appears to be. They are not even allowed to masturbate their feelings out. Under such terms and conditions, if these horny young adults manage to survive a month without sex while watching their other half in semi-nude attire, they get a chance to go home with a $100,000. So, are they ready to sacrifice sex, and attempt to emotionally connect with each other for that prize? You’ve got to find out.

Too Hot To Handle is more of a reality show, hence performances play a minor role here. However, if you are curious to know how sexually active young adults, control themselves while watching their opposite sex in bikinis and boxers, you will notice real tears....real tears with running noses all because they cannot have sex. (First world problem much?)

If you are still unclear about the concept of the game then imagine Bigg Boss in the beaches, where your opposite sex basically wears attires which otherwise expose everything except their assets. All these participants get personal time with the unseen host, with whom they share their dirtiest secrets and nightmares of having to go without sex for 30 days.

Almost everything about Too Hot To Handle seemed to be scripted. If so then all the members present in the game show were probably the worst actors ever to be seen on Netflix. The show had a positive motive of bringing out the emotions of people and developing an ability to mentally and emotionally connect with another person and destroy the intention of having meaningless sex. Why can't we find true love in the digital era which has made us easier to find people? 

It remained unclear on how the team managed to connect with single, good-looking, people with six-packs and bikini perfect physique, from Britain, Ireland and the USA. Their suave and confident approach towards the camera only made us wonder if they were aspiring models or unknown actors attempting to live the big American dream. An ordinary person would always display a different kind of body language when she is consciously or unconsciously placed in front of the camera and asked to give an opinion. All the participants seemed to be at ease. 

Music and other departments
Aesthetically, the music department does not play a vital role in this series. The sound only gets relevant in the establishing sequences of the participants and when they cut from one shot sequence to another by applying different kinds of transition methods. 

“That’s what these million dollars industries are about, isn’t it? Inner beauty.”- Nigel, Devil Wears the Prada

In an era where most of us are swiping left and right to find love….or to find lust, Too Hot to Handle brings out the necessity to develop an inner connection. For the longest time various shows, television series, fashion shows have concentrated mostly on exterior beauty than inner beauty. This is 2020, and the coronavirus pandemic has basically shown us that there will be days when one would need to use a brain, especially when a deadly virus restricts you from exposing your exterior beauty. That is the time when a brain and polite conversations work the most to maintain a positive environment.

The very fact that the makers of the show chose to bring in women with bikini perfect physiques and men with six-pack abs, made the entire web-series unbelievable and strangely it ended up stereotyping people with desirable physiques as young adults without emotions. Was that necessary? 

There are men and women with degrees from the best of universities who have issues with intimacies, both physical and emotional. If Netflix really wants to put up an act and reflect it as a reality show, at least make it believable.

Did I enjoy it?
At some point it almost becomes soft porn. So if you are in the mood to watch the best of physiques, you might end up enjoying it.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, but do not expect the content to be hard-hitting and realistic. Just have fun watching Netflix’s attempt at converting commitment-phobic people into loving couple.

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