Trailer Touchdown: A Teacher

FX on Hulu’s new show ‘A Teacher’ is a cautionary tale of forbidden love

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Trailer Touchdown: A Teacher
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Love, Simon’s lovable eponymous protagonist has come a long way from one high school to the other. In FX’s new series, ‘A Teacher,’ which will soon begin streaming on Hulu, Nick plays “legend on the turf” who indulges in an illicit affair with a teacher, played by Kate Mara.
The show, which is made for FX as a limited series, will stream from November 10 onwards. In the trailer, we see Eric and Claire form a romantic (and sexual bond). All is well initially, post which it is revealed that Claire is actually married and also Eric’s teacher at high school. It is possible that the two are together to escape the mundanity of their regular lives, but Eric’s infatuation soon turns to obsession, and the choice to be together in spite of everything wreaks havoc in both of their lives. 
‘A Teacher’ is based on the 2013 indie film of the same name by Hannah Fidell. The show is also directed by her. It co-stars Ashley Zukerman, Marielle Scott, and Rya Kihlstedt. FX on Hulu premieres it on November 10, 2020.

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