Trailer Touchdown: Amrutharamam: Addicted to Love

Trailer Touchdown: Amrutharamam: Addicted to Love
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Romance as the main genre in Indian cinema seems to have taken a backseat in recent years, with most films using it as more of a subplot than what drives the story forward. At this time when human connection is the most powerful element of our existence comes a story of romance and sacrifice between two star-crossed lovers. Zee5 is soon to premiere Telugu film ‘Amrutharamam,’ which should connect almost instantly with audiences thanks to the intensity of the love and chemistry between its two leads. 

In the trailer, director Surender Kontaddi introduces us to a beautiful story taking place in lush foreign locales. Amrutha and Ram have an instant attraction as they are seen prancing about town and sharing kisses. She talks of him more as an addiction, a drug that she cannot stop using, rather than a lover. Unfortunately, Ram doesn’t have the same passion for a career as he does for Amrutha as he wiles away his resources in the anticipation of a job that suits his taste. In spite of a palpable chemistry and an obvious connection, Ram’s lack of stability causes a separation. The film will be exploring the role that life goals and attachment have in a couple’s romantic journey. Whether Amrutha and Ram’s selfless love will win against all odds is what we are most excited to see!

Amrutharamam features the cool newcomer Ram Mittakanti opposite Amita Ranganath and is slated for a streaming release on 29 April 2020.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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