Trailer Touchdown: Barbarians

Grandeur sculpted all over in a Historical European War!

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Trailer Touchdown: Barbarians

Barbarians, a new show which is arriving soon on Netflix is based on the events that happened during the battle of the Teutoburg forest. It looks like the series will be celebrated by the followers of shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom. 

Netflix released the official trailer for the show a few hours ago, and it shows a vast infantry moving through the woods. Also, the trailer says, "History's greatest empire, history's greatest traitor, the untold story of the battle that changed the world." Audiences can get to know the two sides of the battle as the German tribes' launch an invasion on the Roman soldiers crossing through their land. A call is heard saying: "I know I can only rely on you, my son. You are surrounded by a whack of wolves; what do you do?" Another voice says: "Give me strength and courage... whatever we fight for we pay for in blood." These lines indicate the Germanic tribes who try to stop the evolution of the Roman Empire and Netflix making one show after another European history is magnanimous. 

The series based on the battle of the Teutoburg Forest was a real battle during which a union of Germanic tribes attacked three Roman troops. Publius Quinctilius Varus and Arminius led the Romans; a Germanic officer led the Germanic alliance. Arminius being a Roman Citizen and with his army experience, he was able to prognosticate the Roman army's operations. In the end, they claimed triumph over the Romans, as they never again endeavoured to capture many German regions. The show looks like it remains loyal to history, as few scenes were historically accurate, with some scope for artistic variances.

Since this is Netflix original, all episodes should dock at the same time, with aficionados in the US having access from the night. The debut show holds six episodes. Actors appearing in all six episodes comprise Gaetano Aronica (Varus), Bence Ferenczi (Berulf Buddy) and Jeanne Goursaud (Thusnelda). Tibor Milos Kriski will impersonate the role of  Berulf Buddy, Jeremy Miliker will do Ansgar, and Laurence Rupp will depict the crucial role of  Arminius. David Schütter (Folkwin Wolfspeer) and Bernhard Shütz (Segestes) are also part of the main cast. As this is a German show, most of the cast and crew are from Germany. Also, since the Filming for the show took place in Hungary, we would be able to see some Hungarian talent.

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