Trailer Touchdown Bill & Ted Face the Music: Fun and celebrations ahead

Richard Mahesh -

Trailer Touchdown Bill & Ted Face the Music: Fun and celebrations ahead
There's music, there's time travel and the entire theatrical trailer of Bill & Ted Face the Music looks promising for enchantingly humorous ingredients. Especially, to find our 'Matrix' star Keanu Reeves in a completely different avatar (p.s. in a humor dimension) is a big surprise. Of course, the screen presence of Alex Winter is gonna be a splash of celebration if the film gets released in theatres. Hopefully! It's a substantial dream that everyone believes in despite the cloudiness persisting whether it would have a direct OTT stream. The 2-Minute 36 seconds trailer has everything that will keep you engrossed. The musicians across different eras and the demographic values it adds to those, who are religiously bounded to this premise will have more to celebrate. If this film is going to be one among the pioneers to reopen theatres, then the audiences have to get enthralled with. As on with the trailer, the editing cuts and the way it is synched with the BGM makes it more engaging. On the other end, it’s the colorful cinematography that steals our attention instantly.
Let’s hope for the best if this could find a theatrical release on September 1, 2020, as announced by the producers at Orion Pictures.

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