Trailer Touchdown: Cable Girls: Final trailer shows big revelations for our girls.

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Trailer Touchdown: Cable Girls: Final trailer shows big revelations for our girls.
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Netflix’s hit show ‘Cable Girls,’ when it first started, dealt with a theme that is a basic human right these days - equality. And this certainly touched a chord with audiences, even if over the course of its five seasons, ratings have consistently dropped. In light of this, the makers and the streaming partner have decided that the show won’t continue with a season 6. Instead, the currently running season 5 will have a part two - one which comes later this year, which will serve as a series finale. 

The last we saw of the show, Lidia and the other girls help Oscar break out of prison (where she is serving jail time for the alleged murder of Gregorio Diaz). At the end of the coup, Angeles is shot and succumbs to his wounds. No longer as connected as they once were, all the girls set off on their own path - one to a foreign land, one with a partner, one starts a business, and one stays back to work on her marriage. 

The final trailer that has been released gives us some indication that the girls will be back together one last time to tie all loose ends, including Lidia’s love triangle, and the possible return of Carmen. The channel describes it as -  “When Lidia's biggest rival uses a prison camp to enact revenge, Lidia and her friends become even more defiant in their fight against Franco's regime.” With the war coming to an end, it would also not be presumptuous to think that we might be in for a tragic death as well. But what we do see is all the girls getting together for a good deed and helping those stuck in the war’s aftermath. 

Cable Girls stars Blanca Suarez, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernandez and Ana Polvorosa, and comes to an end on July 3. It is Netflix’s first original Spanish series.


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