Trailer Touchdown: Control Z: Netflix brings out another teen drama, this time with a tech twist!

Trailer Touchdown: Control Z: Netflix brings out another teen drama, this time with a tech twist!
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At a time when more than half of the world’s population are limited to their homes, Netflix has been coming out with content to binge every alternate day, helping people kill time easily. With folks of all ages to please, a teen drama with thriller elements seems to be the best bet, and luckily so, the platform has many of them in their armour. With Blood and Water announcing its arrival, the next interesting show on Netflix would be Control Z, which mirrors its name with the keyboard shortcut for undo.
Set in Mexico, the trailer of the show features a young girl in Sophia (Ana Valeria Becerril) who starts off by introducing us to the various characters in her school. Sophia is an introvert of sorts, with her small world allowing her to be more observant of the surroundings, while she also feeds her mind with analysis of the college’s different students.
However, all hell breaks loose when a student named Isabela has her secrets revealed during a cultural event, where a ‘hacker’ puts up an ugly truth about her onscreen. As Isabela’s social image is destroyed, Sofia shows interest in cracking down the person behind this. Joining hands with a new kid on the block named Javier (Michael Ronda), the duo begin noting and following the curious case that slowly begins to reveal the entire college’s secrets.
The best part about Control Z’s trailer is the mood that it brings, which doesn’t make it look like an investigative drama in full, and takes the fun route to get things done. The show could definitely be an engaging watch for those who find interest in the plot, and with so many foreign shows striking it big on Netflix, this could be the next in the list.
Control Z is created by Carlos Quintanilla, and is directed by Alejandro Lozano. The series stars Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Andres Baida, Macarena Garcia and Yankel Stevan.


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