Trailer Touchdown: Damayanti

The birth of a new “truth-seeker”

Rony Patra -

Trailer Touchdown: Damayanti

History professor Damayanti describes herself as an academic who’s “not a detective” but is drawn towards mystery. She comes across the case of Sharmistha, a rich heiress who is disinterested in running the family business. From the trailer, it is pretty evident that Sharmistha is trying to scupper a prospective match for herself for some reason. And then we get various shots of intriguing factors at play—a femme fatale who cannot be trusted, chase sequences, murders, and the police’s confusion in trying to get to the roots of a complex crime that has been committed. With so much happening, can Damayanti keep her wits about her and solve the crime?
Damayanti marks Hoichoi’s first-ever collaboration on an original series with Roadshow Films, the brainchild of actor-director Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Aritra Sen and Rohan Ghose. Directed by Sen and Ghose and based on Bengali author Manoj Sen’s iconic literary creation , the series stars Tuhina Das as Damayanti, with the cast also including Indrasish Roy, Shoumo Banerjee, Chandreyee Ghosh, Amrita Chattopadhyay, Gautam Purkayastha, Arpan Ghoshal and others.
Billed as a Durga Puja release, Damayanti drops on October 22, 2020 exclusively on Hoichoi.

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