Trailer Touchdown: Dash and Lily

Netflix gets set for the holiday season with this rom-com series!

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Trailer Touchdown: Dash and Lily
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The best part about the holiday season is laying back and watching Christmas shows and movies with the family. Netflix has got that thought in mind and is pumping our festive moods with an original romantic series for the holidays. This one is Dash and Lily which is a romantic comedy, based on the YA book by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan named, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares.
The show is set in New York during the holiday season in a festive mood. Dash and Lily are two New Yorkers who exchange a book where they trade dares for each other. The two polar opposite characters begin to develop a relationship through this deed and it seems to look like it gets even more exciting and definitely romantic, through the way. The two characters do not see each other during this process which makes it all the more exciting.
'Dash and Lily' stars Austin Abrahms and Midori Francis. The series is created and directed by Joe Tracz and executively produced by Shawn Levy and Nick Jonas. Will they meet? Will they fall in love? I’m thrilled to know. Dash and Lily premiere on November 10th and I cannot wait to binge-watch this one!

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