Trailer Touchdown: Code M: Edgy, action-packed, thrilling and sizzling!

Trailer Touchdown: Code M: Edgy, action-packed, thrilling and sizzling!
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AltBalaji and ZEE5 show Code M is one web series in recent times that fans of OTT content are waiting for with keen anticipation. And its trailer, which was released recently by AltBalaji and ZEE5, has only served to whet their appetites even more. The trailer is, in one word, gripping. Edgy and action-packed, it shows lead protagonist Jennifer Winget in a never-seen-before avatar.

The almost 2.5-minute trailer brims with provocative images, fast-paced thrills and a compelling narrative. Jennifer Winget plays Monica Mehra, an army Major and lawyer, who is requested by a senior army officer, played by Rajat Kapoor, to investigate the martyrdom of Sameer Ali, a young army officer and close colleague of Monica, in a supposed military encounter with terrorists.

But the clear-cut case reveals itself to be a sinister conspiracy that threatens to shake the very foundations of the revered institution that is the Indian army. As Monica investigates further, she has to grapple with uncooperative colleagues, rabid mobs and dangerous fringe elements, who would think nothing of killing her to hide whatever it is they want hidden. The first half of the trailer shows quick, chilling shots of the cold-blooded gunning down of Sameer Ali.

The second half becomes edgier and takes on a note of urgency, as Monica races against time, and her detractors, to get to the bottom of the murky case. Jennifer Winget shines in those scenes, as she pursues the case with single-minded determination. Tanuj Virwani shows up in the fag end of the trailer as Monica's comrade in the army, helping her out of tricky situations. The fast-paced and gripping trailer does ample justice to the intriguing proposition of Code M. Code M is slated to premiere on AltBalaji and ZEE5 on 15th January.

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