Trailer Touchdown: Gotya

Eros presents Marathi film ‘Gotya,’ which will make you nostalgic about your childhood

Trailer Touchdown: Gotya
Eros Now
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Eros Now is ready to stream the 2018 Marathi sports drama Gotya on their streaming platform soon, and it is surely seeming a worthy watch. 
‘Gotya’ is the story of the child prodigy Gotya (Rushikesh Wankhede) who is obsessed with the game of marbles. The film chronicles how he overcomes several odds - the disdain of his parents, the attempts by teachers to get him back to his studies, and the ignorance of the people around him to the ancient game - to ensure that ‘marbles’ become part of mainstream sporting events. With the help of one supportive coach played by Rajesh Shringarpure, Gotya goes on to participate in and win several state and national championships. The trailer is a mix of heartwarming, inspirational and comedic, and the plot itself is a welcome addition to the sports movie canon. Gotya also boasts of some superlative acting talent like Sayaji Shinde, Surekha Kudchi and Anand Ingle. 
The film was originally released in 2018 theatrically but it can surely gather more eyeballs as an Eros Now release. Commenting on the film's premiere on Eros Now, chief content officer Ridhima Lulla said, “Eros Now has always presented unique content to viewers. Gotya is a slice-of-life story of a budding sportsperson who strives for success and is supported by his close friends and family. The narrative is heartwarming and this one-of-a-kind sports drama will be liked by viewers of all age groups.”
Veteran actor Shinde said viewers are certain to enjoy the film. “It was a lovely experience to be a part of Gotya," he said. "The storyline is likeable and exciting! I am sure viewers will have a memorable time watching this film. The narrative has a unique innocence and liveliness to it which will impress cinema lovers.”
Gotya has been written and directed by Bhagwan Vasantrao Pachore, and begins streaming on November 13, 2020. 


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